>> Palani and Nagarathar Community

Palani Town is situated at 100Kms to the East of Coimbatore and 120Kms West of Madurai located at Tamilnadu, South India. Palani Lord Muruga  is also known as Dhandayuthapani Swami and Palani Andavar.  The  Nagarathar Community is Connected with Palani from times immemorial. They are undertaking Paatha Yaathra (Pilgirimage by Foot)  to Palani from their respective 96 Villages in Chettinadu. They are making this Pilgirimage since 400 years ago. In those days they also engaged themselves as small traders selling merchandise like salt., etc.,  The Trade was utilized to sustain their Pilgirimage. The Paatha yaahtra which started with 100 Pilgirims  has grown into a Religious Movement,  involving thousands of devotees walking to Palani from their native places to fulfill their vows.