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Constructing a building for our sangam has been a dream project to us for the past many years. We are enthusiastically working on this programme. Though there is a place called Iraakkaala Madam for Nagarathar people to stay at Palani, it is insufficient for Thaipoosam festival and though it is in close proximity with the hill temple it is very far away from Anna Dhaana Madam.

During Thaipoosam festivel, 5 days pooja are conducted at Anna Dhaana Madam and Kavadis carried by the Nagarathar people are also stationed there.  After these 5 days Poojas the Kavadis are taken by the Kavadiswamis to the hill temple and submitted to Lord  Dhandayuthapaani Swami with Prayers. During the 5 days pooja at Anna Dhaana Madam our devotees are finding it extremely difficult to find places to stay. They are inconvenienced by the lack of facilities and undergo extreme hardships. To redress the grievances of our people during Thaipoosam festival our sangam is planning to construct a building with all facilities and convenience by providing rooms with good toilets, bathrooms and common halls. 

This building is proposed to be built at Vandipettai site which is about 80cents in area and just opposite to Anna Dhaana Madam. For constructing our above mentioned building we have made arrangements to buy the Vandipettai land and have drawn out a plan to construct  the building. For the above project we need a good amount of finance. Though we have collected some money locally, we find that it is not enough to fund a project of this magnitude. Therefore we request all Nagarathar associations, temple trust and individuals based in our country as well as internationally to contribute towards this noble project and help us realise our dream project and thus serve our devotees & pilgirims in a better way. We request the co-operation of all Nagarathar association, temple trust, individuals and magazines in this regard.